Thursday 14 August 2014

Svelte Chicken Lives.... For his baby turning 11

On the 14th our baby turned 11.

I have been asking little Em if she is sure she is correct, isn't she 7? 11 she tells me, apparently her maths skills are excellent, (at an 11 year old's level, she's only 7 remember...)

Like every year the birthday boy or girl as the case may be gets to choose what they want for dinner.
This is normally a take away of some description and an excuse to eat something we would not normally eat. This year little Em chose lasagne (cooked by the light of my life). "Lasagne?" I said to her, immediately greeted by the light of my life saying "what's wrong with my lasagne?". "Nothing, it's very yummy"  (dodged that one)...

So little Em, "what shall we have with the lasagne?" Me thinking of some high powered purchased entre and desert. "Garlic Bread" she replied (we have that in the fridge, that's not very exciting I thought.) "What else"?  "Salad" said Em, and "for desert a self saucing chocolate pud with cream".  "Do you mean those little ones we buy every now and then"? I said. "No, Mum's going to make one" said Em.

Now the light of my life is a good cook and everything will be yummy but all I could think is lets have takeaways on your birthday (Thursday night) and Lasagne on Friday..... (and everyone wins...... The light of my life gets to create a yummy meal, Em get's lasagne, and I get, hmm I never got to decide that... Still, being the mature one in the family I reminded myself, it's the birthday Girl's choice).

 I will help by playing Xbox with Em in the lounge.

Truth be known, we don't have lasagne very often so it is a rarer event than a takeaway so it is probably more special (perhaps my clever 11 year old baby may in fact be on to something.... )

Here's a picture of my 7 year old baby (not the picture of the chap in brown pants....)

And now 11......

"That's the hankie you wanted......." (a beautiful "Yeah right Dad"   look from Em)

By the way, dinner was fantastic, we made a good choice Em....