I was born in England in 1968. I moved to New Zealand in 1974 with my Family, my Mum,Dad and Sister. Since that time I have grown up, lived and worked in Wellington New Zealand.
Mum aka Grandma, Kay
Dad aka Granddad, Peter
Sister aka Pastry, Stacey
The name by the way is Lee, aka Sam (I’ll explain later)

Here’s a picture of me posing trying to be a model. Paula and I had our photos taken a long long time ago, she looks relaxed and beautiful (see her page), me, not so much….

I am currently the Operations Manager for a manufacturer in New Zealand. I have worked in this company for 14 years now.

I think of myself as the pretty fish in the aquarium. I like to, and need to, surround myself with capable worker fish. Expert/ capable fish that given the right conditions in the aquarium will flourish.

I of course am there to motivate, inspire and create the right conditions. I have a good understanding of the aquarium, the shop the aquarium is in, a good general knowledge of what the worker fish need to do just not the expertise or skill to do it myself. Without these key fish I am nothing more than a good looking fish (backed up 100% by my mum) swimming around helpless.

Please note that It is not my intention to upset the wonderful people working for me, or in fact to upset any fish either.

That’s it for now….

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