Saturday 1 September 2018

Svelte Chicken Lives for.... The Lady Who

Well hello there.....
It's been a while and we are all still here, doing what we should be doing living,  enjoying life and getting older.

The light of my life still fills my life with happiness, Love,  and joy.

My little Em, is 15 doing well at college,  loving hockey (she is away at a college tournament for the week)  and such a delight.

Dan is nearly 17 doing well at college,  a lovely young man (if that's how you describe someone his age, I am after all still a young man too. .). Time and life marches on, you can't slow it down, case in point: last night he went with his girlfriend to her ball.
Still I am pleased to say that he still wants me to be tucked in at night, and we normally have a laugh doing so (phew).  Like I did so many years before,  Dan goes to an all boys school,  a girlfriend? I couldn't find any girls at his age.... .

Sam is nearly 20 and is going to University in Christchurch and living with her partner Zane (a lovely man, which is great)

So you talk about kids leaving the nest,  been there,  done that,  not easy at all.  She is doing well,  happy  and messenger keeps us all in touch.

My darling and I have been married 24 years,  and we're basically going out for 6 years (Paula will tell you to the minute).  30 years!  Beg your pardon,  where did that go?

Still, we are always having a giggle about something and having heaps of mini dates (I believe,  one of the secrets of life)

It's been so long since I've been to this blog that I can't remember if I've talked about minidates, I will write about them soon

Now I need to find a picture or two

Love that lady,  she is after all the Lady who....

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