Saturday 12 December 2015

Svelte Chicken Lives... for mistletoe and no whine

It's Christmas time again, yahoo.....

I quite often hear that it's a busy time and catches up on you quite quickly.

This year I would have to agree, I seem to be under more pressure this year, my new fishtank, although a good place to work, certainly has pressures that are quite different than my old fish tank.

In my new tank I don't really feel as in control which adds quite a bit of stress. All this adds to looking forward to Christmas more than usual (and for me that has always been a lot). I can't wait to just relax and do whatever (fishing anyone?).....

Yahoo, tradition time, that came around quickly, up goes the tree, decorating as a family and recording the festivities for prosperity.

Once again we do not have batteries charged so we used normal alkaline batteries, which don't last very long. Our movie is in a couple of parts. I need to stitch it together, perhaps when I am holiday, relaxing, I'll do it right after I have done Christmas 2014 (and probably 2013)..........

The tree is now tiny in comparison to my giants. I have included a picture of just the tree. Something we don't seem to have much luck with is Christmas lights, our multi coloured fancy ones had a stern talking to, would not perform so were voted the weakest link and kicked of our island. This year we only have little green light bulbs, they don't flash, they aren't flash (aww poor we things) I think we took pity on them when we bought them. Still they make the tree look very green, almost environmentally friendly (if you squint and spin your head rapidly from left to right).

Also included in the snapshots are Angry & Saucy Chicken, looking very festive and right into the season.

Merry Christmas from the Younger Drummonds

The Tree - Beautiful

The Chickens

Svelte Chicken Lives.... for mistletoe and no whine

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