Thursday 10 July 2014

Svelte Chciken Lives.... for a birthday surprise


We are nearly 45!
I can’t remember if I have told you this yet, forgive me if I have, after all I am getting on a bit, even the grey strip of hair on my wrist, where in the past I have focused all of my aging and grey hair (like Dumbemdore’s cursed hand) is beginning to leak, I am now getting grey hairs on my head, much to my Darling’s delight.  Anyway, what I was saying is that my Sweetheart and I were both born 28/6/1968. I was about 4.30pm in England, and she was about 4.00pm in Canada.  Ahh magical you may think, well yes we do think it is,  and we continue to make it that way.
We are nearly 45! I can’t believe it. It is just not possible, when did this happen? how did it sneak up on me?
The light of my life looks wonderful. Today she dressed up in her where’s wally costume for a book party at her work (at least that’s what she told me, whatever she was up to, she certainly looks cute in her red and white striped skivvy and pony tails.) My darling is a teacher for 2 – 5 year olds. She is such a wonderful affectionate mum, I think she’s a bit hooked on the littilies and now that ours are grown up gets her fix at work….
Me, I went to work in my normal winter pretty fish (See Work Page) costume, thermal skivvy, polo shirt, jersey, smalls, dress pants, warm socks (equipped with orange toes) safety shoes sporting bright orange laces (I have a thing for orange) and a can do attitude shooting for success…. I needed to get to work a bit earlier this morning  for a meeting so unfortunately I only had a moment to give wally a brief hug (I don’t know what the fuss is or what’s so hard,  I found wally quite easily). We love hugs, especially skivvy hugs, I would have liked a few more minutes….
The light of my life and I are going to take our birthday day off and have a fun day. My Darling didn’t find it too funny when I asked her what she thought she would do, me I’m going to play xbox and eat chippies (YES IT’S TIME AGAIN!!!! NO GUILT, BIRTHDAY BURGER RINGS). Just joking, (not about the chippies though) we are going to have a special day together.
We are going to be going to see the phantom of the opera in Wellington as a birthday treat. We both saw this musical in Australia a long time ago and enjoyed it so we are looking forward to seeing it again.
We are also going to see the movie man of steel, I still love superman films (how can that be, I’m 45?, I use to think I was batman (“I’m batman”) now that I have seen man of steel advertised I am not so sure….  If we go on Friday, everyone else will be at work/school which will be even better.
We are not going to buy each other a present this year because we have just repaired our spa pool and bought a new washing machine, and of course we don’t really want for anything. We are after all grown ups and grown ups are practical, budget and careful with their money. I’ve told my Darling, and she agrees, that our present is the washing machine, yahoo, just what I always wanted, half a washing machine. I hope I never have to use it………… I have to stay away from it, just in case its modern user friendly ways teach me somehow while I’m not paying attention to be able to operate it.
The new washing machine is huge (10kg of washing compared to 6kg for the old one), I’ve seen garden sheds smaller than this thing (TARDIS anyone?) This thing is going to hold a lot of smalls…..  Hopefully it should make washing less of a chore (for those that use it), thinking about it, I agree with what you are thinking, it should be more of my Darling’s present, I think I should get something else.
Svelte Chicken Lives…. for a birthday surprise (hint, hint…..)

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