Wednesday 9 July 2014

Svelte Chicken Lives... for his friend Squirrel

Our family has a very special friend whom we affectionaly call Squirrel, or friend Squirrel.

She has been hanging around us in the nicest possible way for a quite few years now. She has two Daughters, Courtney and Jessica. Both girls are lovely and a credit to friend Squirrel, who is raising them by herself (Dad only gets involved occasionally).

The light of my life and friend Squirrel have both studdied and completed their bachelor of education degrees (I will have to edit this bit cause I can’t remember what it’s called). So they both spent many an hour studying at casa de svelte chicken and both girls stayed the night frequently while they did it. An amasing amount of work they have both put in and a great achievement.

Anyway, they share a lot of our time with us, we do things together, have BBQ’s etc. They really are like part of our family. The kids all get on really well together, don’t you just love having happy children playing near you (just far enough away so you can only just hear them….)

Friend Squirrel is a very generous and caring person, she puts others ahead of herself.
She’s a bit like I am, reserved and a tougher exterior but a wee bit mushy on the inside. OK in my case I don’t really have a tough exterior. I suppose what I mean is that as I have previously mentioned I am more reserved with my hugs, family members are fine, others not so. I think of Squirrel as a member of my family, and have done for ages now. I still perceive Squirrel is more reserved with me, so I reserve hugs for special occasions (not wanting her to be too uncomfortable). Her daughters on the other hand get a lot of hugs from me. I do love hugs….

Friend Squirrel also likes to play xbox with us, we like playing system link multiplayer games, great fun (She’s pretty good at this too)

We love our friend Squirrel

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