Thursday 10 July 2014

Svelte Chicken Lives.... for watching his kids extend themselves


While we were in Napier we went to the aquarium. Squirrel’s Children, Jessica and Courtney were booked in to swim with the sharks, very brave of them I thought.

While we were there watching them, I could see that our kids also wanted to do the same thing. To cut a long story short, we said Daniel and Samantha could, Emily unfortunately was not old enough, maybe next time.

Anyway, after a few moments they both had on a wetsuit and were ready to swim out into the aquarium and swim with all of the fish.

This was quite the experience for them all, it is not that easy a thing to go swimming with sharks. Daniel at one point turned around to go the other direction and swam into the middle of one of the larger sharks…

They all enjoyed themselves and now have a certificate saying that they were crazy enough to swim with sharks…

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