Thursday 10 July 2014

Svelte Chicken Lives.... for the memories


I enjoy hearing/reading a recount of Grandma and Granddad’s experiences. From time to time I get snippets from my Uncle John too.

I am constantly amazed at how much they seem to be able to recall, and if it is a funny story laugh as if it happened only yesterday. This wee fact is an inspiration for recording my random thoughts in this blog. To help me remember, because if I’m honest I can remember naff all of what happened a week ago, let alone when I was 5!

I think a lot of my early memories are focused around photos. By that I mean I remember the photo, not what was happening at the time, or how I felt.

Case in point:

Ok so perhaps that’s a bit far back…. I don’t recall being abused by my parents, in fact I have an over all feeling of being loved. I can’t say as I can remember specific events though. Perhaps you do as you get older? Crikey I can wait for that to happen, for now I will stick with my photos…..

Anyway, I want to do a bit of a family tree, which I know for my my side of the family has been done. Come to think of it, Paula’s side looks pretty impressive as well. I added my part to a website called geni (which is where Paula’s side is) and before I knew what was happening her side of the family was there, it invaded my tree. It seems that my typing has created a few duplications that need to be resolved (oops). Not a big deal. Anyway, my side of the family has been well and truly covered off by my Uncle. The trees are in a couple of places. I am going to add some of the tree to the geni site so that we are not overrun by Boivin’s (so to speak!) Although, I must say I am rather fond of my Boivin….

What I would like to achieve (and I know that in most cases this is not going to be possible) is to have memories attached to the people. People’s lives are more than a picture (if you have one) and a birth and death date. I was going to add pictures and a few comments to this blog (I don’t think its going to work in this format though). I might instead add a few comments in the geni version.
For the geni site, the first critical choice was my profile picture, I nearly used the picture above…. Then I thought the next picture, however possibly a bit cheeky…

and finally settled on the following…..

I certainly look prepared for a fight, bad weather and excellent camouflage. Again, I don’t remember doing this per se, but do remember and can see the picture in my mind quite clearly.
Anyway, I will probably play around with the geni site until I get bored and continue with this blog, recording my own memories….

Svelte Chicken Lives for, what was it again, I should have written it down!

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