Wednesday 9 July 2014

Svelte Chicken Lives.... for one upmanship

I announce to the light of my life that she needs to do what I have requested because I am the boss, the General…..(by the way, General Lee sounds pretty good to me).

It’s amazing, if I am the General she is the Admiral chief, or el presidante, (sounds fancy doesn’t it) or some other rank that she makes up in an attempt to convince me that I am not in fact in charge. Convince me or should I say attempt to force her will upon me. Admiral higher than a General?
different branch of the military if you ask me…

Now what are these requests you ask? normally something along the lines of who’s turn it is to make a cup of tea. Of course I have been known to remain thirsty for hours in order to prove a point… Go me, very mature….  We both lean back in our seats and pull our feet away from the direction of the kettle, who’s closest? must be your turn.

The other common request is when we are lying in bed, it’s cold and the spare blanket is at our feet, who should get the blanket and pull it up over us? surely not the General?

Paula is the more mature one, she will normally bend to my will (that’s how I think of it), and let me get my own way with such important matters, to keep the peace. Just like the dishwasher so many years before(another story), go a long way to saving our marriage.

Lets put it into perspective, I’m the captain of the starship enterprise, commanding and doing other captainly things. Along comes the Admiral, and every now and then puts me in my place and transports me off the bridge marooning me on a remote planet wearing a red jersey…..

I love one upmanship.

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