Thursday 10 July 2014

Svelte Chicken Lives.... for a birthday to remember 2013


Well just like that our birthday has been and gone, left in its wake is the fact we are now both 45….

This can’t be, soon I am going to count the years to verify. My darling made the comment that together we were 90! I was surprised, I didn’t realise she was 55.

What an excellent idea, we both decided to take the day off from work and spend our birthdays together. The light of my life and I went to the movies at 10am (when everyone else is at work/school (tee hee)) to see man of steel. We booked a few days before hand (which is kind of funny, especially when we went to pick up our tickets and the movie man said we could sit any where except the two seats he had just sold (with a smile on his face). It was fantastic being able to play when you should be working. I have a thing for superman films, always have. I personally really enjoyed it. I can’t believe Superman killed Zod though. I do understand why, and after searching the net realise he has in the comic books done the same, still it was a surprise to me. It was a most enjoyable film, I will definitely buy the movie when it is released.

We also went into Wellington to see the Phantom of the Opera, we both also thoroughly enjoyed it, they did a wonderful job, it was worth every penny. Before the show we went to dinner, which was also very nice. It was quite a full on day for us, unusually so and most enjoyable.

I also got some wonderful presies and have now polished off most of my chippies, and am left with a pack of Burger Rings, yum yum.

I do believe we have a new tradition, to take our birthdays off and have a play day. I suppose this year will be a hard one to top, having the Phantom of the Opera playing on our birthday was a one off, I wonder what will be on next year?………

So all in all I give the birthday experience this year a 9.5 out of 10…….  I did not give it a perfect score because I did not want half a bloody washing machine….

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