Thursday 10 July 2014

Svelte Chicken Lives.... for an early morning kiss from his dogs


We are now back from our holiday.

While we were away Grandma dog sat for us, staying the night and looking after our dogs. It was quite a relief knowing that she would be looking after them (we were having difficulty booking them into somewhere at such late notice).

We were only gone a week, the holiday flew past (as holidays tend to). Grandma had a good time with the pups, and, it would seem that the pups had a good time with her too.

I was lying in bed asleep and was awoken by a lot of licking on my ear (now I know that the light of my life had just got out of bed and was standing at the back door waiting for the dogs to go outside (they sleep in a crate) so it wasn’t her…). I could feel far too many legs walking around on our bed and standing on me in places that I don’t like to be stood on.) I opened my eyes and there they were, both dogs standing on the bed looking at me, tails wagging, very nice indeed…..

Now we have a new routine, our bedroom door is closed before the crate is opened and they are ussured into the dining room and towards the back door and outside.

The light of my life has another suggestion for a routine, I get up and let the dogs out, and she will take her chances in bed….

I must admit, I do like a visit and a cuddle from the dogs in the morning. Our previous dogs would come rushing in and stand beside the bed, lay their head next to you and give you a lick. Achilles use to refrain from kissing until he saw you open your eyes, and then wham…. A quick kiss good morning and then off to meet the day.

Grandma tells a tale of dogs sitting on the couch (they try this on occasionally) and standing on our bed….

Can’t say as I remember either of our two previous Doberman dogs jumping on the bed like that, still, they were not trained by Grandma………

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