Thursday 10 July 2014

Svelte Chicken Lives.... for bandy lipped smiles


She is so beautiful, her smile so infectious, you know we are compatible as evidenced by the fun we have and how easy it is for each of us to make the other laugh.

It’s difficult to explain, there’s a laugh and smile that is the type of laugh that is at the point of being difficult to curtail, in my Darlings case this is the bandy lipped smile. (And never to be confused with the panda’s bum...)

The Light of my life has wonderful lips, as you can no doubt tell from the various pictures scattered about this blog, I will comment no more an how wonderful they look and feel (kiss kiss).

When my darling laughs her “I am finding this incredibly funny” type smile her lips all but disappear, stretching into a bandy lipped smile.

The other night she seemed obsessed that everyone had a fork with their dinner.

Daniel was asked first, eating his chips with his fingers “Dan, have you got a fork” “Pardon” “have you got a fork” repeated my Darling (Our kids seem to be selectively deaf, case in point, last night Dan was listening to his ipod with headphones on and little Em from across the room asked him in her normal inside voice, “ would you like a bowl of icecream?” Dan replied without looking up “yes please”)..... 

“HAVE YOU GOT A FORK? “....No headphones, No reply “Do you need to get a fork”? Eventually Dan said “yes I have a fork” in a what’s the big deal type of voice, and held up his fork as proof.
 That seemed to please my Darling, it seemed as long as we have a fork on standby for emergencies, perhaps an unexpected visitor, we can quickly switch to civilised cutlery wielding people and eat accordingly. 

About five minutes later, “Sam do you have a fork?” I looked at Samantha eating her burger, and back at my Love wondering what is she going on about? So I asked her “What’s the obsession with forks at the moment? Do you have a new job we should know about? Are you on commission?”

“Sam” I said, “have you got a fork, Daniel has, I have, do you”?
  “Yes” said Sam holding it up

“There, we all have forks” Bandy lips, a beautiful sight.  

Of course I am still not sure why forks were all of a sudden key to the burger and chips meal, my Darling also admitted later that she was also picking up her chips and not using her fork (assuming of course she had one, she didn’t after all hold it up for viewing and proof......)

Svelte Chicken Lives.... for his bandy lipped Darling

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