Thursday 10 July 2014

Svelte Chicken Lives.... for going on holiday


This year we went on holiday for a week to Napier and spent a day at Splash Planet in Hastings.

The weather was beautiful, blue skies and hot (bordering on a bit too hot for me). We stayed at a motor camp (although we roughed it in a fully serviced unit…) at Kennedy Park in Napier. This year we went away with friend Squirrel and her two lovely daughters.

It’s been years since we went away on holiday. The kids were a lot younger, so parenting was a lot more hands on, for example if they wanted to go for a swim you had to go in with them. Not all of them could swim, so you had to be very close. This year, everyone is older, everyone can swim, we didn’t always go into the water, but we watched them from the sidelines. Kids love the water, they don’t seem to feel the cold, and they can certainly stay in a lot longer than I can….

So this year was a bit different, the kids could entertain themselves (not all the time though….) it meant that we had more time to ourselves. I actually read 2.5 books, unheard of for me.
We all had a fabulous time.

Still, at the pool, I watched a young girl taking a leap of faith and jumping into the pool after a little encouragement from her Dad into his open arms……

I looked over to the light of my life who was also watching this, and I could see she was thinking the same thing I was.

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