Wednesday 9 July 2014

Svelte Chicken Lives.... for watching little Em play hockey

1st September 2012

It’s the last game of Emily’s first season of hockey and Emily’s first goal!

Once again our youngest got stuck in and this time after some fancy stick work near the goal took a shot and beat the goalie. Yahoo..

Not quite in tue Svelte Chicken’s family tradition, we remembered the little video camera (we normally forget it). The camera by the way was a great present for Samantha, I am loving using it… I even remembered to bring four extra rechargeable batteries, to be prepared, it is after all the last game of the season, and I have forgotten the camera for every other game…

So am I ready to upload the video of Emily scoring her first goal ever? No. The goal was in the second half, right next to where we were standing, it would have been fantastic footage. I took possibly 2 -> 3 minutes of footage in the first half of the game and the batteries in the camera ran out.

I have not viewed the footage yet, but it was so far away that they would be antsized carrying tiny twigs, so far that we may not be able to even see Emily. Anyway to my cunning plan, in go the first set of batteries, nothing, nada flat, didn’t even flicker the power LED. not to worry, in go the second set, power LED flashes, screen starts, battery indicator flashes and then nothing, flat.

What are the odds you may be asking yourself. Quite flippin high really, in my house the batteries are regularly recharged and sit in a little bowl in the lounge, from there they normally are  drained in Xbox controllers. So I would bet they have been used and put back in the bowl (it’s too far and inconvenient in the heat of battle, I’ll recharge them later). I’m not saying who I think is the most likely culprit, lets just say I’ve asked Daniel to draw the scene of Emily scoring from memory…

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