Thursday 10 July 2014

Svelte Chicken Lives.... for a little valentine's


It’s the 14th February again, Valentine’s day once again..

Now we’ve all done it. I know we have bought all sorts of presents, cards and flowers and given them to girlfriends/spouses or significant others.  Roses for example are just ridiculously priced on that day.

I know people who are my age (ahem, let’s not discuss that, I can’t cope with it) and are still buying roses, going out for dinner, jewellery etc. and making a big fuss. I can also see that they really enjoy it, so I agree for them it makes them happy so it’s a great day.  I know a lot of people who tend to think more along our lines as well.

My Darling and I are of the opinion that the day is not a big deal, we can’t believe how ridiculous prices get so we just sort of ignore it. It’s Valentine’s day every day for us. (I hope she really believes that and there isn’t a little princess within her rocking backwards and forwards sobbing “why won’t he buy me ridiculously expensive roses?”) is the “Every day is Valentines day” line the mantra of the unromantic and the cheapskate?  I hope not.

On the morning of the 14th we woke up, rolled over in bed, and said to each other “happy Valentine’s day”, I stumbled out of bed and into the shower. I couldn’t even tell you if my Darling opened her eyes, I certainly didn’t.

At the aquarium that I work, I was told about a few Valentines’ day plans, “going out to lunch at Subway” (Pardon I initially thought, Subway?), she continued, “that’s where we first met….” Now that is Valentiney. Flowers, dinner plans etc. “ahhh young love (and some not so young love…).
I told them:
“My only regret was that I mistakenly filled my Darling’s card up with red and silver glitter, and now when I get home I have to do the vacuuming” I continued,
“in the card was a voucher for dinner and a voucher to stay the night in Wellington  at a fancy place”, very Valentiney everone was thinking. “My Darling was very excited, and when she is away, I am going to play xbox with Daniel”……

When I got home from work I made the Light of my life and I a cup of coffee and because it was such a lovely day outside we went into the garden to sit down to have a drink and a chat. Now that’s sort of Valentiney isn’t it? Yes it could be considered romantic, however, we do that quite often now days, especially in the weekend (assuming it’s a nice day) since we have done the garden up a bit and it is no longer depressing to be out there.  So perhaps it doesn’t meet the gesture requirements of the day?  We don’t do it once a year.

We were having a lovely moment together my Darling looked at me and asked me what I was thinking.
I said to her in my most thought provoking, soul searching voice combined with a look that matched,
“On this most romantic day of Valentines’, I have been watching you smile and realising that your happiness is possibly my main reason for being.  So I have been internalising a few thoughts and searching my soul to discover if there could be a way I could make your life any better or happier?”
I then received the most beautiful smile (perhaps that was my Valentine ’s Day pressie?) and the Light of my life said “there is nothing”.
SOOO I am a romantic after all and supremely Valentiney, I told my Darling “That’s good, that’s exactly what I got you for Valentines……”

Svelte Chicken Lives…. for making my Darling happy.

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