Thursday 10 July 2014

Svelte Chicken Lives.... for the girl guide in the family


Little Em has joined the girl guides. Tonight was her second week.

Emily came in after her evening of fun all excited with a certificate of membership and two badges.
The ladies are preparing for a camp they are going on next weekend, little Em (She will always be little Em to me…) is very excited. we received a list from the guides of what she had to bring with her, right down to a 70ltr plastic bin. (We could only find a 60 ltr bin, hope that’s OK, Em doesn’t seem to mind that it’s a bit smaller, still I suppose it will be a bit lighter when strapped to her back….).

The list was expertly handled by the list preparer in our family, as we whipped around the warehouse looking for camping items. I tried to contribute by suggesting that we could get her one of those cool multi tool knives/pliers/saws etc and other items that might be necessary in times of survival. It might be a boy thing, but I do like knives, especially ones that have multiple attachements.

The light of my life (once a girl guide herself (and I bet an exceptionally cute one too…)) told me we are not buying her a knife, she is only 9, she doesn’t need one. What about one of those flint things that Bear Grylls uses, that looks useful? Turns out that little Em’s camp is only about 20 minutes down the road and she is probably not allowed to start fires, in a survival situation I will just go and pick her up.

At this evenings meeting they all made a ditty bag (pardon?). I was presented with what she had made out of a tea towel, a ditty bag with a draw string to keep it closed (I presume so the ditty can’t get out?) I must say she did a fantastic job.

I hope there is enough room to keep her ditties in her new 60 ltr plastic bin…
I live for the excitement in little Em’s face…

Em with her 60 ltr plastic bin full of stuff and a bed roll strapped to her back………

There is another picture on the fun page of little Em with her plastic bin and I you might want to check out.

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