Wednesday 9 July 2014

Svelte Chicken Lives.... for toe kisses


At the end of a long hard day, when you struggle to stay awake until as close to bed time as you can, and you’re shattered, one of us invokes “emergency bed time procedures” (for fear of collapsing in a heap in the hall not quite making it into bed), and you crawl into bed, this is the best time for toe kisses….

The light of my life and I tend to share everything, when one of us is shattered, more often than not the other one is as well. Normally I make it to bed before her, I do the normal things that you would expect and jump in to bed, my darling seems to take a lot longer, emails to check, dishes to put in the dishwasher (OK perhaps we don’t share everything), and what ever else it is that ladies do, like put clothes away, take clothes out for the next day etc. all important stuff I’m sure.

Quite often I am just about asleep before she comes in. Sometimes I am awoken from the verge of deep sleep and am told I have more than my fair share of the blankets, the blankets are unfortunately wrapped around my neck as my darling pulls back what she believes is her share…..

When we are both shattered, emergency bed time procedures mean that we do the bare minimum and rush, even, dare I say ignore dishes, clothes flying everywhere (pehaps that’s just me) skip brushing teeth and only use mouth wash. (Just as well it doesn’t happen very often….) Normally we are muttering quick, emergency bed time procedures in order to encourage the other person to get a move on, and we move around in great haste (and in reality probably not that much faster really). Sometimes I am grateful for the fact no one can actually see us.

When we climb in to bed, my darling lies on her left, I lie on my right (this is how we both normally sleep, back to back, (even when we have brushed our teeth properly….))
Is it being lazy not to give each other a big hug, a kiss, and recite a sonet or two to reinforce our undying love? Or, is the fact that back to back we would normally just touch feet and say “love you ” reinforcement enough? Well it is for us. I am happy knowing my darling is beside me and our feet touch for a few moments before we drift off to sleep

Toe kisses are when you caress the other persons foot with your toe while making kissing noises…

Toe kisses are magnificent, I live for toe kisses with my darling

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