Wednesday 9 July 2014

Svelte Chicken Lives.... for the wisdom of Granddad



For years now (as long as I can remember) this is the answer you get from Grandad when you ask him what he would like for Christmas/Birthday/any other occasion you could think of.
When I was younger I can remember thinking what a cop out, you must want something. I also wondered if it was because he couldn’t be bothered thinking of something, or perhaps didn’t want a fuss made, or money spent on him.

My Dad has never been one for the limelight, so not wanting a fuss made seemed quite feasible and I know he didn’t want us to spend our money on him. He still doesn’t want a fuss made, or us spending money on him.

Now I have my own children, and they ask me what do I wan’t for Christmas? I start of with happiness.

I personally like the fuss from them, don’t want them to spend their pocket money, and don’t really want for anything other than happiness. Everything else is taken care of really.

Now I am rather partial to chippies, so a packet of them makes me happy….  I do like plain short bread biscuits iced by my children so that they are nice and Christmassy, they make me happy….. . You wouldn’t want to be one of them near me on Christmas day, you won’t last long. I love the hand made Christmas cards, they make me happy… Most of all though, I love the fact that my family is happy, that makes me very happy….

Now I do buy myself and the family the occasional luxury consumer electronic good (which we all enjoy) but I think that is a different kind of happiness. My Dad is a bit different there, his luxury consumer electronic good needs to die a long tragic death before it is replaced, I envy this in a way…. however, now that he has a decent TV I bet he is glad the other one died, still, until it did he was happy (except for not being able to see all of the score on the top of the screen….)
Quite clever my dad really, he is happy with what he has and with seeing the people he cares about happy.

The wisdom of Granddad.

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