Thursday 10 July 2014

Svelte Chicken Lives.... for the challenge of Soduku


Pardon? those of you that know me may be thinking, Soduku? that’s not a tv program or movie, it’s in a book, what’s he on about?

Soduku has been a tradition in our house hold for some time now, at least I think it has, I’m not too sure really…

A soduku moment is a term that the light of my life and I use when you can’t recall what you want to say, or even funnier (or more sad depending on your point of view!) when you insert the wrong word into a conversation, or you trip over your tongue trying to get it out… a soduku moment.

It must be an age thing, I mean I still think of myself as one of the brighter sharper tools in the shed, perhaps if I was a garden fork one of my tines is a bit blunt? Now there’s a soduku beating word to use, tines, all is not lost….

I asked the light of my life if she feels if she is not quite as sharp a tool as she once was, still of course a very pretty tool (I’m beginning to rust). I think I am beginning to lose it a bit. I think I should do some soduku puzzles to keep sharp. Thus the term soduku moment was born.

A few examples for you…..

I am putting up a fence in the back garden, a massive manly type fence. I am on my knees leaning down a fence post hole, passing the phone back behind me to my lovely wee girl, little Em. I go back to digging and Little Em goes to take the phone inside. I think I had better keep it out with me so I can hear it ring. I call out “Emily, would you please leave the phone outside”. “Where?” said Em. “Put it on the…” “The…” “The….  ” now is this because I am half down a hole? is the blood rushing to my head, or has the word not yet been created for the outside metal thing that we always use in summer to cook our sausages and steaks on? “Barbeque please”

When either my Darling or I have a moment, it just takes a look from the other person and we are both laughing, one of us just says “soduku?” or “shall I get the soduku puzzles?”

The light of my life saw me sitting down to use the PC (to type this in) I had our password book with us (why are there so many passwords?…..) Curious my Darling asks me “What are you up to?” “Nothing much” “Why do you have your passport?” soduku anyone?

Last night after dinner the light of my life made the kids a chocolate icecream (yummy). When we went to bed I went to the fridge then asked her if she was intending to turn 1/2 a container of chocolate icecream into chocolate milk?….. She looked at me puzzled, “shall I put the tub of icecream into the freezer”?  soduku…

The next morning I was sitting out in the garden with my darling (a nice sunny still day, absolutely magic) Sammy came out to see us. I went into the house to make her a coffee milo. When I came out, in order to relive the previous night soduku I said to Sammy (she was sitting next to my Darling) “I was nearly able to offer you a glass of cold slightly thick chocolate milk”…. Both Sammy and the light of my life looked confused. here comes the punchline.. “Mum put the icecream in the fridge last night before she went home” What the….? where did the word “home” come from? she was going to bed? Perhaps it really is time to hit the soduku puzzles….

Svelte Chicken Lives…. for the challenge of soduku

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