Thursday 10 July 2014

Svelte Chicken Lives.... for her what are too big?


When did that happen?

We are going out tonight and while getting dressed Sammy is trying out some of my Darling’s dresses that she use to wear when she was younger ( about 21). Sammy comes out in a black dress and looks absolutely amaizing. I may post a picture if I can bring myself around to admiting she is growing up.

My Darling comes in and says do you remember when I used to wear that (My darling not me..) Can’t say as I do, and I can’t get the image of Sammy in it out of my mind so there is no way at the moment I am going to remember or picture the light of my life in that dress.

Following that comment, my Darling says “I have another dress that I used to wear when I was a bit younger, Sammy can’t wear it her boobs are too big” Pardon, when did that happen, isn’t she only five?……

I am now feeling a bit old.

They are both of course laughing at my reaction. My Darling said to Sammy “Look at Dad’s face, quick go put your onesies on”

Onesies, yes she looks younger in those jammies, I think I am beginning to feel a bit better.

Svelte Chicken Lives…. for being completely overwhelmed

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