Wednesday 9 July 2014

Svelte Chicken Lives.... for the light of his life

Paula, AKA my darling, my wife, my soul mate, she who must be obeyed (or so she thinks) has put up with me for quite some time now. I would tell you how long except I have been enjoying the time we have spent together so much that I am not exactly sure (or any where near sure really) as to the time we have spent together. Paula however can not only tell you to the minute, she can tell you any number of facts relating to us and the time frame… I tell myself I don’t try to sweat the small stuff (when we met, where we were, what we were wearing and other such things). I can tell you two things though, it has been a while and it has not been anywhere near long enough.

Mission 1, try and find out how long we have been together without raising suspicion…..

And the answer is 18 years, we were married on 28/8/1994, a Sunday I remember it well (actually the only thing I could remember is that it was a Sunday, and yes although I tried to turn it into a guessing game, Paula was suspicious…)

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