Thursday 10 July 2014

Svelte Chicken Lives.... for there still being signs of youth


Being youthful at heart and the happiness this can bring, is in my opinion very important.

Happy Birthday Samantha!

15 today, growing up so fast. So what have I noticed that’s different this year?

The first thing is not being woken up early in a frenzy
“it’s my birthday get up”….. In fact I slept in to about 7.45 am, I woke up under my own steam, thirsty. I wouldn’t have minded one of my beautiful ladies waking me up with a cup of tea. Everyone in the house is now able and safe to make a hot cup of drink. My beautiful boy is also capable of making a cup of tea but the chances of him thinking it while he is lying in his bed playing on his ipod or xbox is extremely slim… So I got up, get dressed, walked into the kitchen and Sam was there walking towards me, lovely big smile on her face and we had a big hug. She told me she was just coming in to slip into bed with me and wake me up (A sign of youth…..) Hang on a minute then I said, and turned and went back to bed. I pretended to be asleep and Sam slipped in to bed and Sam woke me up, what a nice surprise, happy birthday Samantha……

The second is that there are fewer presents..
A fact of life, the older you are, the more expensive the gifts, the fewer you get. Yes it’s logical, yes everyone is always happy with what they get and no I can’t handle the fact there are fewer presents (it’s my issue, I need to deal with it…..) Not much sign of youth here (except perhaps me) fewer presents and people still happy ….

The third is that when I came back into the kitchen (presents are on the kitchen table) Samantha is sitting down at the table drinking a cup of tea. Not much sign of youth here, slight feeling of being sorry for myself.

The fourth sign…
For the last couple of years ” why can’t I have another piercing in my ears? my friends do etc. etc.” two signs of youth here, Too young for two holes in your ear (in our opinion) and the “persistence” (I will leave it at that, Sam can read). Well today the light of my life took Samantha as a surprise to get her ears pierced again, she has just come back, my goodness sam has a lovely smile, her eyes light up. Ears now pierced twice, Not much of a sign of youth here either…

The fifth sign
We always record Birthday present openings in the same way, we have a bench seat at the table, the birthday person sits in the middle, the other two kids sit one each side. A wonderful way to show the passage of time (slight groan…..). ”
Can I sit and open my presents here?”. Pardon? there’s a tradition here, move to the present opening position…… In fact the kids don’t know yet that when they are grown up and flown the nest (crikey there’s a thought …) I still want a video of them opening their presents sent to me…..

The sixth sign
(I’m going to stop here because “the sixth sign” sounds kind of cool)
One of the presents she really wanted was a pair of eyeore onesies. Need I say more?

Svelte Chicken Lives…. for there still being signs of youth (thank goodness!)

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