Thursday 10 July 2014

Svelte Chicken Lives.... for Christmas lists


It’s nearly that time again, yahoo, one month to go to the best dinner of the year….

Of course it means another year has almost gone by, which is a bit sad, still it’s nearly time for Christmas bacon and eggs with Grandma and Granddad for breakfast and a Christmas dinner and dessert later in the day. I am normally too full to really enjoy dessert though.

We normally have a glazed ham, which of course I am a major player in creating. (Don’t believe my Darling if she tries to convince you that all I have done is basted the ham once while cooking…..) and a big chicken cooked in beer and secret herbs and spices (I don’t cook the chicken….) The beer gives it a Christmas flavour (and that’s basically the only time we do this so that it is special). We also have lots of yummy veggies.  Everybody likes Chicken…..

On to the lists, it’s that time again and everyone is preparing their lists.
For the record, here is my current list in order of priority:
1) Happiness (Of course….)
2) Chippies (Burger rings + any other chippies I am not ordinarily allowed to eat)
3) shortbread biscuits iced and decorated by my lovely children (I like orange icing please…)
4) Spork (Don’t ask me why, I would like an orange one if possible please.)

5) bright socks (the brighter the better, you can’t after all have bright socks day on Sunday if you have no bright socks)
6) Sauces (especially hot chilli sauces)
7) A little soft squishy pillow (For resting my hand while playing xbox games, otherwise my hand gets a bit sore. yes it’s a bit pathetic I know. I would like a manly camouflaged pillow so that I no longer have to use little Em’s frilly pink heart)
8 ) A pack of ginger beer
9 ) A pack of chilli and lime coated cashew nuts
10) White chocolate

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