Thursday 10 July 2014

Svelte Chicken Lives.... for his txting buddy


I’ve never really found the need or understood the attraction towards texting.

The Light of my Life is a txtn wiz, so is my eldest Daughter. My Darling has been texting since phones were the size of bricks. If she wanted to she could lift me up off the ground with either of her thumbs. It’s impossible to beat her in a thumb war competition, her thumbs wiggle at near the speed of light and as she traps your thumb firmly to your hand she has tapped out “beaten you again, try harder” in texting language down the back of your thumb.

My Darling will often sit there in the evening and fire of a few texts at incredible speed, so fast that I don’t have time to get annoyed. Now she has our main email delivered to her phone “you got mail” it keeps exclaiming with excitement. I occasionally ask who are you texting/what was the email, I think she is organising a coup (not a chicken coup) the kind where she and her army of soccer/hockey/netball mums/friends take over Upper Hutt and declare her Supreme Commander.

My Darling and my eldest Daughter love the technology and I must say it does help keep them in touch. One evening the weather was quite bad, windy cold raining etc. it was late in the evening and my beautiful Daughter needed my Darlings help (after all the weather was very bad). So in came the text and Mum went to help her out. Technology in this type of instance is a boon. Perhaps though a text was not necessary, Sammy was in her bedroom, and Mum was in the Lounge….

Anyhow, when I text I hate the predictive stuff, so I don’t use it. I want to be able to spell the word incorrectly first time on my own. My wee android screen sometimes has me at the verge of twisting it like you do the end of a lollie wrapper as I struggle to type…

jkme spll <<<< backspaces to correct
hpme sioj <<<< backspaces to correct
homr sopn <<<< backspaces to correct
jome siim <<<< backspaces to correct
home soom <<<< backspaces to correct
home soon

I am normally sitting in my car at work, engine on, waiting to send a quick text to alert my darling family to stop being naughty and begin to act like little happy angels. I am litteraly 2km away from my house, a carrier/homing pigeon would be on its way back to me before I get a chance to hit the send button.

Anyway, the last few weeks the timing for the kids sport has clashed it has meant that my Darling and I have not been at the same sporting event. We have instead become txtn buddies. The occasional txt through the sporting event, a bit of a giggle here and there has been good fun. I suppose I can see that txting in that circumstance is good. There must be a problem with my phone though, I seem to receive txts and replies a lot faster than my phone sends them?

Svelte Chicken Lives…. for his txting buddie + txting at Saturday morning sport (I would rather be with her though….)

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