Friday 4 July 2014

Svelte Chicken Lives.... for a new place to live


This is my first post at my new address.

I have been posting for the last couple of years at but have decided to try somewhere new.
I have found to be too unreliable for my liking, too many gateway errors and reliability issues, which is a shame because apart from that I really like the site.

I don't post very often, however when I am in the mood I want to do it then and there.   I get the impatience bug from my Mum (normally referred to as Grandma), I want it now (actually yesterday if the truth be known). I've always found it difficult to save for something, preferring instead to go the "in credit route" instead. My son Dan is the opposite, very patient, and able to save, me nope, I have Grandma's genes.

Anyway, I am going to move my web pages to this site and eventually point to here, and see if this place is any more reliable..

The sequence of pages my no longer be chronological, however, too bad, the sites more of a memory jogger for me (and the Light of my life) and so that the rellies can pop in every now and then and see a photo or two.

Svelte Chicken Lives.... for being able to blog when the mood takes his fancy

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