Wednesday 9 July 2014

Svelte Chicken Lives.... for time


Time, where does it go?

I can’t possibly be 44 years old. I look at my children and every now and then am shocked at how big they are getting. It’s strange because I get on with whatever, work etc. and don’t notice much in the way of them growing and then bam it hits me, look how big this child is getting, and not just in size, in maturity. The same can be said of myself when I look in the mirror…..

If we haven’t seen a relative for a while they will always comment wow look at the size of you (or words to that effect) to one of the children.  I do the same when we visit nieces and nephews, it’s unbelievable really how fast time flies, the time apart seems to exaggerate this.

Where does time go? it is so precious. Have I wasted some? I sometimes think that I have. Could I have made better use of my time? I often think of this, especially with respect to time spent with my kids. Lately I am tired (could be an over 40 thing?), I hope I am not the type of person who says “not now, no”, or other such negatives too often. I know I do occasionally. I often catch myself about to say this and change it just in the nick of time. Sometimes I say no and then after a few seconds thought say yes. I do believe you have to say yes far more often than no.

I am currently sitting in the lounge typing this and the light of my life has just come in and seen that my toes are sticking out of my sock, it is rather uncomfortable. She has just pulled my sock so that my toes have gone back into comfort, nice, I do love that lady.
So could I do more with my Family? do you need to always do something? or is just being together enough?

My toe has just come out of my sock again, my darling is no where to be seen…

Anyway the kids are growing, they are becoming more independent (all good things), we don’t play like we used to when they were younger, (I must say that although I enjoyed playing barbies with Samantha (and she loved it) it wasn’t my favourite game……..). We do still play together, watch movies etc. and spend time together. I can’t help feeling like I will regret that perhaps I could/should have done more when they eventually move out and it is all too late. The love of my life thinks I am being daft.

Some things you can’t re do and will never be able to be repeated in the same way:
Samantha use to protest when going to bed saying she is  “no sleepy daddy”
Daniel calling a caterpillar a catapittar or Emily Erily
Emily writing her numbers back to front and saying she loves me more (although she still does this, and hopefully will forever, the numbers are ok though…).
The way they all wrote and the pictures they drew.

One thing we do is make sure that we video record the children opening presents on the morning of their birthday, and all of us decorating the Christmas tree and opening Christmas presents. This really shows the passage of time very well, incredible.

One things for certain, time is precious don’t waste it.

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