Wednesday 9 July 2014

Svelte Chicken Lives.... for chilli lickin Isis


We have a gas on demand hot water system that is on the outside wall by the back door. This system has a few pipes connected to it that have foam wraps for insulation. I was sitting on the back door step looking at the foam insulation when I noticed that some of it at about puppy height had been nibbled.

While I was sitting there both puppies came up to see me gave me a lick and then as bold as brass walked over to the pipes and proceeded to nibble bits of foam insulation off the pipes. I suppose they have not been told that they should not really be doing this, so all is forgiven, well almost…  I remember reading about a suggestion someone had to stop pets from chewing furniture (table legs and the like) was to put a bit of chilli pepper sauce on the item that “must not be chewed”.

So I grabbed a bottle of hot pepper sauce (a rather hot sauce that no one else in my family can eat (yum yum)).  I filled up the dog bowl with water (yes I know milk is better, I had that on stand by…) and began to splash the sauce all over the area that ” must not be chewed”. Both dogs were looking at me (ok I was smiling away to myself, does that make me a bad person?) with the look of what on earth are you up to? Loki could sense perhaps the time had come to stop chewing the foam insulation. Isis on the other hand walked straight up to the pipe and gave it a lick. She walked away from it and sat down looking at me licking her lips (I think that was what she was doing, she might have been sticking her tongue out at me and blowing a long raspberry). “Is that a bit hot Isis?” I said. Isis got up walked to the pipes and gave them both a good lick, walked back to her position in the sun, sat down, and once again blew raspberries at me. I offered her the water, she ignored it and went back to the pipe and gave it another good lick! so much for that plan!

The pepper sauce may have worked, it’s hard to say. It doesn’t look as if the pipes have been touched since this event, it could just mean that now Isis will only have a nibble if the pipes are covered in pepper sauce, a dog after my own heart!

I love chilli lickin’ Isis.

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