Wednesday 9 July 2014

Svelte Chicken Lives.... for global reach


Global domination sounds a bit of a stretch for someone who only really wants his website to be visited by a few people in other countries, it’s global reach for me….

Why on earth blog you ask dear reader? I realise at the moment, dear reader is the light of my life (who is probably about 5 metres away at the kitchen table ) or Grandma and Grandad, (Grandma will read them to him, he doesn’t like this technology or the interweb) is about 5K/m away, not exactly far reaching yet…..

Well the answer for me is to use this medium as a type of diary, snippets of our lives (focused around me, because as verified by Grandma, I am special..) in other words we are here, and my family can get a bit closer to us (we are a bit spread out)…..

Ok, so I found this blog site and thought I will give it a go (I realise there are other mediums). After I had started, I began to read about having your own domain and pointing your blog to there, so that’s what I did. It sounds simple, it would have been if I had taken my time working out where to register my domain, turns out I had to pay a bit more in order to have control of DNS settings. Crap, I waited 2 months (or whatever it was, you can’t transfer a newly created domain immediately) to somewhere where I could get control of DNS without spending a small fortune. I then did the google thing in an attempt to resolve an issue I was having. Originally I wasn’t going to because this site was only for me, what’s the point? I didn’t want it appearing in search engines. My domain now works, and, I have now done the google analytics thing as well.
It’s funny because now, the blog is still for me and my family, but for some reason I would like at least someone from a few other countries visiting it, it’s not about the numbers it’s about the global reach.

At the moment I can report that svelte chicken has made it all the way to Christchurch in New Zealand, not quite global, about 450Km…. However, these poor lost soles may have been inadvertently sent my way, and left immediately… Still, it’s proof that with my 7 visitors so far, I am going viral……..

Svelte Chicken lives for the thought of global reach (although he is not sure why)……

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