Thursday 10 July 2014

Svelte Chicken Lives.... for a bithday to remember 2014

Well here we go again, we are both now closer to 50 than 40. 

No I say, as part of my birthday powers bestowed upon me in my imagination I have decreed that I am 44, not 46.

This of course means that the Light of my life is now also 44 and not 46 and that the kids all made mistakes in their cards this year, who’s 46? Not us.

 Of course we all want to grow to the oldest age possible, and while doing it be fit, mobile, healthy and not snookered by Sudoku. I of course am happy growing old (very old in fact, along with my Darling may we one day be in accordance with the previous statements and not looking like prunes (is a panda’s bum now an appropriate description?)

Anyhow, our birthday has been and gone. This year, like last year, we promised ourselves that we would not buy each other pressies, very grown up. We did however buy ourselves a board game that the five of us could play together during forced family time (there is no such thing really; our kids are still at the age where they want to spend time with us). 

So there we are, our birthday, a Saturday morning a very busy day ahead of us with sport, little Em has a hockey tournament to boot. We would not get to open our present until later in the day. 

It’s now later in the day, Little Em would be off to hockey soon. “Let’s open our present” said my Darling.  Ok then, sitting at the table, looking at the little pile of presents thinking to myself “what the h@ll have I done? Where are all of the flippin’ presents?  I’m not ready to be grown up” 

My Darling of course did get me a couple of pressies, and I got her one as well.  I ordered my Darling’s pressie online the week before, she knows what it is, she paid for it (that’s her department). She seemed a bit miffed when it arrived via courier and when she asked if I was going to wrap it up and I said “what for”. I thought the yellow courier pack was very colourful..... I very quickly realised my error and wrapped the present (Or should I say little Em did....)

My pressies from Her were some star trek socks (very smart, too good for work, unfortunately my safety shoes will put holes in them by the end of the day).  I immediately put on the science officer socks. The other pressie was some star trek  jammies. They look like James T Kirk’s uniform (very commandly if I say so myself). I now think of it as James T Kirk is running around in my jammies, how embarrassing for him. 

The kids all created wonderful cards (even though they mistakenly thought we were 46) and pooled their money to buy a movie voucher for us both to go on a date to the pictures. 

Thank goodness Catherine and the Girls didn’t get the memo and we got cool pressies and home made cards (you have to love home made cards).

After the hockey tournament we all had a lovely dinner.

OK now it’s  time for the captainly command jammies. I must say after looking at myself in the mirror I look quite the part. The light of my life has a lovely smile on her face as we get ready for bed. The jammies didn’t seem to work correctly, even though I look the part it seems I am still not in charge....

Svelte Chicken Lives.... for being showered with pressies

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