Thursday 10 July 2014

Svelte Chicken Lives.... for stress free organisation


Well I must say that there is great excitement in our household, we are going away for a week on holiday soon.

The love of my life is in her element, she has lists prepared, lists that check that lists are done, lists that make sure that nothing and no-one is left behind and that everyone has fun.

The kids are all packed, they have followed a list prepared by the master controller. I am packed ( I do love that lady, all I had to do was answer 1 simple question, will I be driving in pants or shorts) it was painless. The answer by the way is shorts, it gets rather warm where we are going, shorts plus a brand new pair of travellin’ undies. Now the kids have packed according to their list, my darling still wants to go through their bags to verify nothing has been missed. Daniel seems quite put out, “don’t you trust me?” he said to her.

I must say it does seem a bit strange how he has managed to get everything on his list plus a sleeping bag packed into his tiny school bag. Anyway, my sweetheart is trying very hard to resist the urge that I suppose all mothers have to make sure the trip goes smoothly and that their kids have actually followed instruction….

I said to the light of my life “I will ask him, if his answer seems OK we won’t check his bag, if he has forgotten anything we will just buy the missing item when we are on holiday”. So I asked Daniel, “have you got everything?” he replied “Don’t you trust me?” At this point Paula is smiling…..  I called out a few things and he replied “yes”, good enough for me, he is ready Mum said “we won’t check your bag”. This seemed to please Dan.

Mum then said to Dan, “do you have your travelling clothes out ready for tomorrow morning?” Dan looking a bit “what’s the big deal” replied “clothes are in my drawers, I will get them out tomorrow morning”.

Now I have to agree with Dan at this point, we manage to dress ourselves OK every other morning of the year, why just because we are going on holiday do we have to get clothes out and ready?  Are these clothes any more special than on other days? What makes good travellin’ clothes? I’ve already decided on travellin’ pants and undies, should I put some thought into a travellin’ T-shirt?

Still without my Darling’s organisational skills we would not get anywhere on time, and my Darling knows this and we love her for it. She’s been known to get frustrated at times, understandably so, take right now, she is in a frenzy preparing things, co-orinating kids, and I am chancing my arm sitting down, drinking coffee, typing away on the computer………

I once went fishing without bait……
I once went fishing without a knife….. (try cutting your bait without one, bit of shell anyone…)
I once went fishing and forgot my reel…. (no reel, no line, no fishing…)
I once went fishing and forgot the tackle…. My Darling was with me, she left the organisational task to me…… (oops)

My holiday list:
Wallet -> Check  (with this all forgotten items can be purchased)
Petrol and Oil -> Check (we need to make it to the holiday destination)
Some clothes -> Check (obviously…)
Family -> Check (the whole point)
Travelling lollies -> (essential and on Paula’s list so a big Check)

We do love the lady who makes things happen…..

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