Wednesday 9 July 2014

Svelte Chicken Lives.... for fishing with Granddad

There is no doubt that I love to go fishing.

I was introduced to fishing by my Dad (Granddad). I should explain that since we have had kids we have referred to my Mum and Dad as Grandma and Granddad in order to save confusion with the children (when they were younger). After all, we are Mum and Dad. Anyway, Granddad has stuck with me. the kids are older now (too fast) and I still call Dad Granddad. The kids could have handled the confusion at a very early age, they seem quite clever really (both Paula and I take credit for this, if there are ever problems with behaviour, it is always Paula’s side of the gene pool at fault) perhaps the confusion is with me.

Anyway, I have been going fishing with Granddad for as long as I can remember (and probably a lot longer than I can). When I was growing up, we went just about every Saturday (hardly ever a Sunday). The norm therefore for me is fishing on a Saturday, if the kids want to go Sunday, we normally go, and of course I enjoy it, the thought just seems wrong.
The most enjoyable days to go fishing with Granddad are during the week when most people are at work and we are on holiday. If you can manage to get a beautiful day (of course the sun is out, I mean there is no wind, the sea is like glass) when it is just Granddad and I and everyone else is at work, we turn up at our usual fishing spot, there is no one there, you get out of the car, take a big sniff of the fresh sea air and then take a bite of your steak and kidney pie, heaven on earth……… and we haven’t even caught a fish yet.

For us, the day, the act of fishing, the peace and quite, the relaxation is what it is all about. If you catch a fish it is just the icing on the cake. When I am fishing with Granddad any stress just melts away. We do not have to say much to each other, we are comfortable around each other so there is no need.

When we fish at the sea we both normally have a surf-caster each in an attempt to catch something large enough to take home and eat (e.g. snapper, gurnard, red cod, anything really). We also take smaller rods to catch fresh bait (preferably herrings). It’s a fantastic feeling when we are both fishing for bait fish when one of our big rods nearly folds in half with a bite. If it is my rod you will here the ratchet buzz as the line shoots out, Granddad’s you here nothing, the ratchet in his reel has been stuffed for years. Normally when we have each caught a fish (and sometimes before, depends on who is closer to the rod) we will both offer the other person the rod to catch the fish, we both want to see the enjoyment of the other person catching the fish. Sometimes, this can lead to a missed opportunity for dinner.

Sometimes another lost opportunity arises when Granddad goes to the car to get the flask of coffee, that or when we have poured a cup of coffee. This does seem to be the time the fish bite. On the rare occasion we have both hooked a decent fish at the same time, magic.
Another form of fishing I really enjoy with Grandad is fishing for trout in the rivers. This is also enjoyable, but not quite as relaxing as there is a lot more activity. Sitting on the side of the river with a cup of coffee though is right on the money in terms of peace/relaxation and recharging.

Fishing is great fun, fishing with Granddad can not be beaten.

I love to fish.

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