Wednesday 9 July 2014

Svelte Chicken Lives.... for hugs

There’s something about a hug with someone special. This type of hug I find uplifting, it recharges the soul.

I find that although I love hugs, I have to be comfortable with the person I am hugging. In fact if I am not comfortable with that person for me it is an awkward experience, one I try to avoid.

The light of my life and her family are very cuddly. I am and always have been super cuddly with my Mum, with my Dad it’s more of a quick manly embrace. I can’t remember if I was cuddly with my Sister when I was younger, now that we are older, and I do not see her very often (she lives in England) when we do get together I am cuddly.

With Paula and my children I am definitely cuddly, with them I love to hug.

I came home tonight and was pouring myself a tomato juice and my darling wife came up to me and demanded a hug,”right now, put the juice down”. Paula has been known to stamp her foot if I take too long. That was a welcome home, I haven’t seen you for a while hug, very nice…

Paula has a repertoire of fantastic hugs, we love each other equally, it makes for some wonderful hugs.

I can remember hugs with my children when they were babies. Technically a sleeping baby  wrapped so tight in something that he/she can’t move, lying on your chest  is not really a hug. Well I call it a hug, and it was very nice…

Words are not able to describe a hug with my Mum. My Mum is a lovely person and has loved me all of my life. A hug with her is like having my batteries recharged. Our hugs normally last a long time, and, are very nice….

A hug with my children is like a hug with my Mum. (a parent to their child).  I make a point of always saying I love you to my children, Emily will normally reply back “I love you more”. Yes she loves me, I can’t see how it is possible for her to love me more than I love her though. I will normally say to Emily “that’s not possible, I love you more” Paula would normally comment about now “it’s not a competition you two” She is of course correct, however I am also correct, and, therefore I win…

Anyway in the exchange of hugs, like me with my Mum, whom I love dearly,  it’s not possible for me to love her more than she loves me (and yes I have used the “I love you more” on my Mum and got a reply along the lines of “don’t be daft”), therefore, we both enjoy the hug but she loves me more, so she passes more love to me.

I hope when I hug my children they get more out of it than I do, because I live for hugs….

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