Thursday 10 July 2014

Svelte Chicken Lives.... for ning a ning


For years now when we say goodbye to Grandma or Granddad we will say “ning a ning” as we “wave” goodbye.

Normally we are in the car so it is unlikely that Grandma or Grandad can hear us say “ning a ning”. The actions that go with the ning a ning however are quite distinct, so if they are like me (and I am pretty sure they are…) the will be thinking ning a ning as they do the actions back to us. Grandma is quite often at the gate, Granddad has been known to be halfway down the drive, ning a nings all the way round.

Ning a ning is more than just a goodbye, it’s a “love you, and see you later”.

Ning a ning started with Grandma and her Mum and Sisters, I have a picture of them somewhere (which I will try to find) with a ning a ning pose.

When we get home we normally say home again home again jiggedy jig. (Not sure where this came from, possibly from my Darling). The best home again home again jiggedy jig is when you get home from holiday and pull up the drive…… It’s always good to come home.

There are three parts to a ning a ning



“ning a ning”  Grandma and Grandad.

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