Thursday 10 July 2014

Svelte Chicken Lives.... for a little bit of grinch

Well just like that the Christmas tree is up, and yes, we listened to the same five songs while we were doing it, got to love the Christmas CD….

We have once again recoded the Christmas tree being decorated for prosperity, everyone is looking so much bigger.

In fact when we took our photo in front of the tree this year it is now completely blocked. Even the light of my life has been blocked by the kids standing in front of her, we need more thought and planning next year. Still, the tree looks magnificent once again, you’ll have to take my word for it.

This year we tried something different for the Christmas photo. I wanted to get a shot with everyone doing a grinch smile (a bigger version of a little shits smile, if you don’t know me, you will not understand this, I know Grandma does….). Sure, it’s nice to have a “normal” family photo, nicely posed, perfect smiles, me I like something a little bit different.

Sammy couldn’t get her mind (or her mouth for that matter) around it. My Darling got it, unfortunately you can’t see her. Sammy had the opposite of the desired grinch smile, a beautiful big smile. The whole attempt was a complete fail, but very funny.

We were recording the action on video in an attempt to get the perfect photo. We ended up with a very funny video, and a lot of blurry pictures (too much movement while laughing)

I must say Little Em is a natural, instantly into a beautiful grinch smile, held for rather a long time and coupled with a slightly creepy eyeball stare. (little Em really threw herself at the concept)
And here is Em
1,2,3 Grinch…..

Sammy as a grinch, I would have to say hopeless. Daniel I think has gone for a super hero pose, normally he is quite intelligent, really,  pathetic grinch Daniel…. My darling, would have had a beautiful grinch smile, but blocked by Sammy, next year I will either give my darling a leg up, or perhaps permit her to sit on top of the tree (she would make a fabulous Christmas angel)..
All in all we haven’t got the picture I was looking for yet so we may have to try again later, perhaps Christmas Day.

Here is the best shot we managed of all of us.

Doesn’t the tree look fantastic.
Merry Christmas.

Svelte Chicken Lives…. for a little grinch related laughter

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