Thursday 10 July 2014

Svelte Chicken Lives.... for where's my shirt and undies?

OK I thought it was due to true love.

Or it is what is normally done by wives all around the world… It sounds like it should be to me, and I’m sure you will agree.
Perhaps it is part of the contract we signed when we became married? I don’t recall seeing the clause, perhaps it was in the fine print. My Darling was such a lovely sight and so happy I could have signed anything, I don’t really know what I signed. Perhaps I was such a lovely sight and she too signed without reading, and then at some later date someone informed her of the clause and what needs to be done?

Surely it’s part of normal married life, the man doing manly things, huntin’ and a gatherin’ and the lady in total admiration for her man doing manly things doing things to make his life easier. Not meaning to sound sexist of course, we are both really a huntin’ and a gatherin’ in our household and we do things for each other. My Darling just sees it as what needs to be done, rather as how I see it as being a manly thing to do and being triumphantly triumphant.

Anyhow, the light of my life has been getting my undies and shirt out for me at night so that I am ready to go to work in the morning ( I find undies and shirts quite important). Get your own flippin’ clothes out I hear some of you say, I know of course you don’t really mean it…..
Isn’t this normal behaviour? I would think all of her friends do this sort of thing as well…… The topic came up just a moment ago with my Darling and eldest Daughter, it seems that it isn’t necessarily her total devotion/love for me or a requirement of our contract that this wonderful act of kindness and helping is performed. It seems that I am flippin’ hopeless and if it was left to me I would spend the first few minutes of each work day banging and crashing, disturbing my Darling saying “where are my flippin undies?” this may be more about my Darling controlling her environment than true love and devotion?

Does this mean that having my sandwich made for me in the morning is also at risk? Surely other wives make their husbands a vegemite sandwich out of true love and devotion?
Of course I realise that my Darling is super special and I am very lucky how well she looks after me. I hope you have someone in your life like that.

Svelte Chicken Lives…. for the lady who controls my shirts and undies and makes a yummy vegemite sandwich

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