Thursday 10 July 2014

Svelte Chicken Lives.... for a little oxymoron

A beautiful Saturday morning and time once again for kids sport.

The winter sports season is all but finished, in fact for Sammy it has. Daniel’s game was at golden duck park (named after a summer cricket season a couple of years prior, where he got you guessed it, a golden duck) and Emily’s was at the hockey fields at Maidstone. Daniel’s game started at 9.00 am and Emily’s at 10.00 am. So that meant that I could watch the first half of Daniel’s game before taking little Em to her game.

Svelte Chicken Lives for watching his kids scoring and saving goals, isn’t that an oxymoron? Well in this case, Emily scores goals, Daniel is a goal keeper, he needs to save them.

I really enjoyed the first half of Daniel’s game, he saved quite a few goals. I am told that in the second half he also saved a lot of goals. His team won 1-0. Daniel got player of the day. The photos will not do justice to the saves, I am not exactly the best at taking photos, and it is difficult to watch the game from behind a camera. (At least I remembered the camera this time).

The following shot went over the post, Daniel had it covered, and you can see he is ready for it…..

At half time Emily and I went to her game.
Emily also had a good game, she got stuck right in, tackling, passing, she scored a goal. I really enjoyed watching her play. Emily’s team won 6-1 and Emily was also awarded the player of the day. Two players of the day, wonderful.

I didn’t get as many photos of little Em, I found myself watching the game and forgetting about the camera. I did however get quite a few pictures of her at golden duck park feeding the ducks. It’s been a couple of years and apart from today, I have never remembered to take bread to feed the ducks. (I love feeding ducks).

On the way to her game we talked about how much fun it was feeding the ducks. We also commented how much we enjoyed pie park. I said that pie park was extra special.  It’s great fun watching your children play sport. It’s even more fun when there is a bakery near the park and you make it a tradition every time Daniel plays there we have a pie. mmmmm pies and other savoury goodies.
In my case I can’t get past a steak and kidney pie mmmmmm. OK getting a bit carried away by the thought of pies. Back to the photos….

The following pictures are before and just after Emily’s goal

And finally, feed those Ducks…..

Svelte Chicken Lives…. For a most enjoyable morning.

Mmmmmm steak and kidney pies……..

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